Ashley Firth

Front-end developer


Octopus Energy (December 2015 - Present)

I lead the Front-end department at energy start-up Octopus Energy, crafting sites and internal tools. We operate in an agile environment, with remote workers and continuous deployment. A huge passion of mine since joining has been web accessibility; ensuring we’re AAA compliant and have crafted a usable, enjoyable experience for everyone from blind customers to those with autism and motor disabilities. If you’re interested, I wrote about it on our blog, and in a feature for Web Designer Magazine

Winner: Which? recommended energy supplier 2018, uSwitch supplier of the year 2018, Energy awards supplier of the year 2018, DXA Awards 2018: Gold for Mobile Strategy, Bronze for Online user experience, Consumer Moneyfacts Energy Supplier of the Year 2018, REA Awards 2018: Best innovation.

Tools: React, Redux, SASS, Gulp, Webpack, Node, Yarn, Stylelint

Octopus Tracker

I created the front-end as we created and launched the industry’s first tracker tariff, where the price changes everyday in line with the wholesale cost of energy. It provides customers with a detailed cost breakdown, including the margin made by the company. This was a solo Front-end build that involved HTML5 canvas for handling the visualisation of data.

Winner: UK Customer Experience Awards, Utilities.

Agile Octopus

The first tariff ever to update its prices every 30 minutes based on smart meter data, Agile Octopus is a 100% renewable Electricity tariff that offers insight into the cheapest times for customers to use energy, and 'plunge pricing' events which actually pay customers to use energy at times when demand to the grid is low and supply is high. I built the front-end for this.

Winner: REA Awards, Best innovation.

M&S Energy

I worked on building the front-end for the new Marks & Spencer Energy powered by Octopus Energy. This involved a new site, customer dashboard, and work on various comms channels to inform current customers of the switch and it's benefits. All of these needed to adhere to the tech standards at Octopus, whilst being faithful to the M&S brand.

Arsenal FC

Octopus Energy is Arsenal Football Club’s official energy partner, and I have been involved in all initiatives to move the club, and their fans, to use renewable energy. This includes a custom React journey, tariff, and various campaigns to drive fan engagement. It has also allowed me to be completely schooled on The Emirates pitch by Robert Pires.

Shortlisted: BT Sport Industry Awards, Sustainability initiative of the year

Tangent Snowball (November 2013 - December 2015)

I worked on digital marketing and CRM projects, focusing on creating strong, adaptive sites that can handle high traffic for their clients. I was promoted to head of Front-end development after just under two years, and became responsible for recruiting, mentoring, and organising and delegating work. Through this role I also had the opportunity to be a judge in the 2015 DMA awards for ‘best use of technology’.

Clients: SAP, The Labour Party, Walkers, Carlsberg

Styled by you

Nails inc. wanted to revamp their nail polish customiser ‘Styled by you’ to be more engaging and visual. It allows users to customise their colour, cap, box, and message whilst displaying an instant preview. This was created using HTML5 canvas and object-oriented JavaScript, is fully responsive, and allowed users to share their creation which created an image from the canvas directly.

Fishrod Interactive (June 2012 - November 2013)

I worked at Fishrod Interactive after graduating on projects abroad and all over the U.K, helping to create interactive experiences and installations. My main roles were creating responsive web and mobile apps to handle the content created from these installations, and I also presented to, and liaised with, clients throughout projects.

Clients: WWE, Sky, Budweiser, Metro

Sky at the O2

I helped create a permanent installation for Sky at the O2 arena which has been in place since 2013. Visitors are able to use photo booths that can preview green screening at 60fps, and can record themselves reading the news in a recreation of the Sky News studio. I was responsible for creating a teleprompter in websockets that could be controlled via an iPad. I also worked on projects at Sky backstage in the O2, including a live photo wall and a themed karaoke booth.

Currently working on:

Premier Battles

A side project to create the site, store, and VOD network for the UK's first team-based battle league. Blog coming soon.


Festival of Marketing 2018

I will be speaking at the Festival of Marketing in October 2018. My talk will be about accessibility on the web and beyond, the challenges we’ve faced at Octopus Energy trying to make a truly inclusive experience for everyone, and why it’s so important that everybody focuses on this in today’s society.


eConsultancy - A day in the life of...Head of Frontend Development at Octopus Energy

An interview with about my role at Octopus Energy, what I love about it, what sucks, and advice for people wanting to get into development.


Feature — Accessibility: a web for all

Web Designer Magazine (Issue 272 - March 2018)

A feature for a print magazine talking about designing and developing for general web accessibility, and helping those with specific disabilities.

Personal blog

I try to keep this updated with recent projects, hacks, experiments, and thoughts.

Feature — 8 Best CSS Preprocessors

Web Designer Magazine

A feature for a print magazine talking about the pros & cons of the top CSS preprocessors in 2018.

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BA (Hons) First class honours, Interactive Media Production

I attended Bournemouth University, graduating in 2012. I was also a peer-assisted learning coordinator, student ambassador, and student radio presenter.

Awards: Clock award, best final year student, Student development award.