Being in Web Designer Magazine

I mentioned in my last post that I had the opportunity to write for Web Designer Magazine recently which was more work than I expected an absolutely worth it.

I’ve written about using code commenting in order to generate easy and borderline self-sustaining documentation. It’s something we adopt at Octopus Energy, and something I feel is really useful to have in place and instilled in your workflow from the start of a project (it only gets harder as the team gets bigger).

The tutorial focuses on SASSdoc to cover documenting the aesthetics side of things (variables, mixins, utility functions etc.) and react-docgen for the more functional documenting of react components and their prop types.

For posterity’s sake, here are some semi-artistic shots of the magazine to add a little colour to proceedings:

The magazine is based in Bournemouth which is where I studied, and it usually features some friends and old classmates of mine (as well as the occasional old lecturer of mine as well). This particular issue features my good bud Matt Crouch talking about techniques for keeping animations running smoothly. Realistically, if you pick up any issue of this magazine there’s a decent chance that Matt will be in it, as the guy is an absolute workhorse.

It also stars my old lecturer and mentor Mark Shufflebottom, who is now a professor in Interaction Design at the Sheridan College of Advanced Learning near Toronto (fancy). He’s chatting about creating animated text effects for headers using swirling particles.

It’s issue number 286 and it’s available in a bunch of stores (WHSmiths for sure) if you’re interested. You can also purchase a subscription online that comes right to your door, which may be even more handy as I’ll be writing a feature in the very new feature. However, that’s a blog post for another day because creating a vast range of content is difficult…