Where am I at now you ask?

With a new design comes new responsibility to actually keep my blog up to date. What follows will be a collection of loosely connected thoughts about how my life in web development has changed in the past few months and how I feel about it. Shall we?

The biggest development is on the post banner, and it’s the fact that I have a new job! Last November after 16 months at Fishrod I made the incredibly difficult decision to accept a job with Tangent Snowball, who are a digital marketing and CRM agency based in central London.

With Fishrod I was able to travel around the world, work with a brand I’ve loved since a child, and learnt a hell of a lot. I’m hugely grateful to everyone there and have no doubt they will continue to do amazingly in the industry.

The main draw of Tangent Snowball was the chance to work as part of a team of front end developers. As a fairly fresh graduate from a course that wasn’t massively code-centric, I stood to gain a lot of experience by having my work critiqued, challenged and questioned. I could no longer stop developing something just because it worked, or compromise on how something worked in a certain browser.

Having been under this tutelage for a few months now, the switch in practise has actually altered how I think about development. I suddenly didn’t want to leave something until it was the best it could be. I’m definitely still learning, I will hopefully never stop, but to be in this mindset feels great. Just in the first few months, I’ve had the chance to play with:

• Django templating
• Chrome browser extensions
• Node JS
• Creating jQuery plugins
• Google Web Designer
• Yeoman and Grunt
• Raphael

Another massive plus is the people. I have made a lot of friends since arriving here, and having such an enthusiastic bunch around you makes it a lot nicer to get up and go to work each morning. They also tend to get up to a lot together as well, as they have:

• A run club
• A movie night
• A softball team
• A 5-a-side football team
• A regular Friday evening drinkathon (I may be exaggerating)


Away from day-to-day work, my new lease on development life has enveloped my spare time as well. I have started to pick up freelance projects again. I am currently sorting out a website for a music production company, and I have just finished giving a new face to the Government Operational Research Service site; A profession in the Civil Service providing analytical advice to UK government.

In addition, I have become part of an out of hours project called Jektr. I can’t speak too much about this right now as it’s under wraps but someone through Tangent Snowball approached me to do the front end and it’s quite exciting.

So that’s it for now. I’ll be putting more and more little experiments with code and any breaking news on here in the future. I’ll leave it up to you whether to believe that or not this time.