Writing articles (away from this blog)

Recently I decided that I would try writing some material for other websites and not just this blog. So with the help of the lovely people over at Acuity PR, who work with Tangent Snowball, I put out two articles that were (hopefully) relatively ramble-free.

Fourth Source

Fourth source is a site that provides the latest news, guides, and advice surrounding the world of digital and marketing. I wrote a piece for them talking about how to streamline the front end development process. It includes suggestions and examples on techniques such as Grunt and Yeoman, along with completed examples that readers can use to implement these processes themselves.

You can view the article here or in PDF format here.

Digital Marketing Magazine

I was given the opportunity to write for Digital Marketing Magazine based on the work that I did for Nails Inc’s website re-brand. Away from the site build, I built a responsive email as part of a marketing campaign to advertise Nails Inc’s new polish customising tool ‘Styled by You’. It’s main feature was a carousel made entirely in CSS and featuring imagery customised based on the recipient’s name.

The article focuses on our thinking behind this, the execution of it, and it’s reception. It also provides some tips on how to improve your campaign emails in order to grab the attention of users and engage them more. It even made the front page of the site!


You can take a look here or here for the PDF version