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Ashley Firth

Front-end Developer / Author / Leader / Speaker

Posts about Octopus

Handling a team with unlimited holidays

April 26, 2022 / Reading time: ~7 minutes

Whilst the debate between unlimited and 'use it or lose it' holiday policies rages on, I had a think about how we handle things at Octopus.

The case for basic, boring emails

April 16, 2022 / Reading time: ~6 minutes

After a recent run in with our emails at Octopus, I want to quickly share why I believe email is very bad, and why you should consider doing next to nothing with the next email you send to your users

Good ways to manage a remote team in lockdown

June 23, 2020 / Reading time: ~11 minutes

We’re experiencing remote working that we didn’t ask for. That changes a teams mindset, and as managers we need to work hard to help.