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What's the point?

Those who have built a site do not experience it in the same way that many users do. Accessibility has also sadly been an industry afterthought for a while - not focused on in bootcamps or degrees, and no clear checks or practices to follow. That's where I come in.


  • 😬 Pain points and failures in your pages & journeys
  • 🤔 Knowledge gaps in the team through training.


  • 📈 Plans and benchmarks to improve your approach
  • 👩‍💻 Testing, both manual and automated, to help maintain good standards.

How will it work?

I try to keep it as simple as possible.

  1. We discuss your site and its important journey(s)
  2. I complete your audit and create your plan
  3. We chat through everyone I've shared with you
  4. Your site becomes more accessible!

What else do you offer?

Beyond the audits and plans, I also offer training sessions for your team/company. I can start simple by taking everyone through an introduction to accessibility, and go all the way to the complexities of designing for a particular strain of colour blindness. Again, it's entirely dependent on your situation, but an audit can often showcase where your weaknesses lie, and I can suggest areas of improvement. Training is an extra cost, and can be booked in without an audit, but is discounted if I've audited you before.


What will I get in the audit?

You'll get a breakdown of the current state of your site and it's accessibility. It'll focus on a range of disabilities and access needs, so you know the improvements are to practically help people, rather than to just tick regulatory boxes. It'll also contain a plan.

Can I contact you after the audit?

Of course. I can't dedicate lots of time after an audit is finished, but I won't be charging you for asking a couple of questions.

Are you happy to sign NDA's?

Absolutely. I won't however sign any non-compete contracts - accessibility is something everyone should be doing.

Do you have "off the shelf" material?

I've got a book! It covers a range of disabilities and access needs in depth, and covers almost everything I know (up to December 2019). You can check it out here or grab a copy here.

Do you offer discounts?

With every audit being different, there isn't really a standard rate to discount. However if you buy a copy of my book, I'll be sure to knock £50 off! 😉