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Ashley Firth

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How to create an intuitive, accessible autocomplete

May 10, 2022 / Reading time: ~7 minutes

Your site needs to be as error tolerant as possible, and a large portion of these pain points are revealed when content is inputted. Let's look at how you can make that easier with an accessible autocomplete.

The case for basic, boring emails

April 16, 2022 / Reading time: ~6 minutes

After a recent run in with our emails at Octopus, I want to quickly share why I believe email is very bad, and why you should consider doing next to nothing with the next email you send to your users

Adapting your sites based on user settings

May 5, 2021 / Reading time: ~8 minutes

Have you seen sites releasing their own dark mode, or slowing their animations, for those who prefer it? Learn how to do that!

Make your videos accessible in two easy steps

April 7, 2021 / Reading time: ~7 minutes

You don’t need to re-shoot your videos, or pay someone to overlay subtitles on them. Give me a few minutes of your time and I'll show you how easy it is!

Useful shortcuts to reduce mouse use

July 8, 2020 / Reading time: ~8 minutes

Changing volume or brightness by smaller amounts, re-opening the tab you just closed, typing out emojis, and quite a few more.